Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Followers! I have followers!

Wow! It's such an awesome feeling to seeing that I have Followers listed on my sidebar!  Thank you so much for those who are following.  To show my thanks, please use coupon code BLOG18 on my MY SHOP for 18% off any purchase.  Also, for some reason, I picked up two copies of this Instyle magazine.  I must be traveling too much if I am buying duplicate magazines!

The first order placed for over ten dollars on my shop, will have this shipped free with purchase!

As mentioned above, I have been traveling a lot.  This week is Albany Georgia.  It's beautiful here, but man is it humid! This Colorado girl is used to dry air not Humid!

With all of this traveling, I am really missing my nightly crafting time.  I brought along some crochet (pictured below), which is great, but feels like I can be accomplishing more for sewing.

What type of travel crafts do you do?


  1. I am so over the heat here Merc! And the days are noticeably shorter! I want cooler temps and longer days! Yep, I want Spring lol! I don't travel so no travel crafting for me :-) And of course you have followers silly! You are the best :-) Get home safely!!

  2. I am the opposite of crafty- whatever that may be! But I am crafty in theory. LIke I get a great idea, but then can't pull it off. humph.

    If you'd like, please join us for Photo Friday Blog Link-Up tomorrow. Simply add a favorite photo from your blog (it's okay if it is part of a post) and share the linky-love.


    1. Thank you so much! I would love to link up.


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