Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Yard Sales and Business Cards...

Well,   Why didn't anyone tell me that Yard Sales are so much work?

My son, husband and I hauled our stuff over to a friends house because he has much better traffic than we do.  That in itself was a chore, but good thing I have a hard working hubby that got most of it done for me while I was at work.

We made a decent amount of money (that I like) and got rid of quite a bit of junk (which my husband likes).  :)

We plan on doing another one on Labor Day Weekend if anyone is in the Denver area!

Tons of books and clothes were sold, but one thing that I found crazy, was the amount of purses that sold.  At one point there was a line that wanted to view and buy handbags.

My husband really wanted to set up a table with all of my hand made items on it.  I didn't want to deal with people trying to talk me down on price since I do have a SHOP that I sell my items on.  When mentioning that I make my own bags to some of the thrifty buyers, they were very interested, so I might give it a shot on our next Yard Sale adventure.  One regret I have though is that I am all out of business cards!  This put a bee in my bonnet to get it done right away!  This is the design that I decided on.



I can't wait for them to arrive!  

Until then... Off to smell the roses!!


  1. Love the new cards! And having the qr tag on the back is awesome!

    1. Thanks Kathe! Actually you will have to come by when we do the next yard sale. My friend's mom had a bunch of cut glass items.


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