Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New ways of thinking...

Well here I am again… 

I am so lame at blogging.  I need to make myself a reminder or something.  On occasion I think about it, but it’s nothing more than a thunderstorm of ideas and then I am onto the next thing. 
One thing that might help me keep on track, is my new outlook on life.  I know that sounds really cheesy, but I have really had some clarity in my life.

Over this weekend, our cable was off.  No Cable=No Internet.  I am amazed at how much time is available when you don’t have technology at your finger tips.  When not only do you NOT want to work (let’s face it, I work because I want to), but you actually can’t.  You simply Can’t!
So much of my job is web based, living in the cloud as I say on a daily basis.

The thing that surprised me throughout the weekend is how relaxed I was.  I read, I sewed, I watched girly movies, I crocheted, I went to the Farmers Market, went to breakfast with my son, I cooked and I did nothing.  I sat and explored my thoughts, and became a little self aware
So now where does that leave me? 

I came to a realization that even though I create a lot of work for myself (I don’t know how to say NO), that this isn’t really what I want to do.  I don’t want to be so caught up in my job that I don’t stop and smell the roses.  There has to be an easier way…  A more time effective way…  A more cost effective way for that matter! 

Now I know that I don’t have a lot of options being the sole bread winner for my family.  But why should that stop me?  I read all the time of people following their dreams and being able to make money while they do it.  I don’t see why I can’t be one of those people. 

Typically, if I want something, I always figure out a way to get it. 

So…  From now on, I will be my main focus.  I don’t know why that has been such an ordeal for me to realize that in order to be truly happy, I need to make sure that I am a priority and my happiness matters.  Even if it only matters to me, it still matters. 
I am currently reading The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau.  This book has been a huge inspiration for me.  Being successful has always been very important part of my life, but I never realized that I could be the driving force in that.  I can be the one that decides my fate.  I don’t need to stop waiting around for someone to make those decisions for me. 

Wow!  Do I sound like a self help book  or what?  Things are changing in my heart and I can feel it.  Hopefully it happens sooner than later and hopefully I will be able to not have such a heavy heart.  But enough of my talking about it.  It's time to do it!

And now onto more important things…

Crafts!  If anyone reads this blog and has made it though my life changing rambles, please leave a comment.  I will draw a name on Thursday (yes… I’m random like that). 

The lucky winner will then win a $9.00 (told you I was random) credit to my Etsy Shop!!


  1. I really really want you to post this at my party right now!! Seriously! This post gave me goose bumps on my legs and I want others to see it cuz I know you and I want others to know you too!!! I have no doubt you will get your dream!

  2. Thanks Kathe! I'm really excited about finding a new path! Jordan is way too much fun to miss out on. I would happy to link up!

  3. Hi, I came from Kathe with an E's link party! I enjoyed reading your post. What you said really hit home with me. I wish you luck in your journey!

  4. Both Kathe and Cheryl, you have a 9 dollar credit to my shop! Please let me know what you would like.


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