Saturday, June 30, 2012

Holy Headband...

I, of course like any other girl now a days, love headbands!  One thing I can never get to fit me correctly is a Bandana Type of headband.  I have mentioned before how big of a head I have.  If i find one that will wrap around, it surly won't tie.

So, being the sewer that I am, I decided to make one and thought I would offer a tutorial so you can make one too!

Now, I have never done a tutorial before so if there are any questions please let me know.  This is super easy to make.  I think it took me 20 minutes and I am a sloooow sewer.

Supplies needed:

  •      2 strips of fabric.  Long enough to wrap around your head and tie.  I measured and it looks like I needed a 40" strip (yikes).  I made my strips 4" wide.  
    • 2 strips 4"x40"
  • Matching thread
  • Pins
  • Iron

1.  Cut the two strips of fabric to long enough to go around your head and whatever width you would like.  Again, mine was 4"x 40".

2.  Once you have your two strips iron them flat.  

3.  Now place your two strips wrong sides together and fold in half length wise.  You will cut a point on each end.

4.  Pin your fabric together and sew all the way around except for about an inch that you will use to turn.

5.  Using the small space that wasn't sewn on, turn your fabric and press.

6.  Topstitch around the entire headband.  I used a number 4 long stitch. 

7.  Tie around your head and you're done!!  Make one in every color!

And...  I'm thinking of listing some of these on my Etsy Shop, so if you don't want to make some yourself please let me know.


  1. 40"? OMG! LOL! Great tutorial! Love the fabric pattern choice! Hopefully it will help to keep you cool during this yucky heat wave we have going on :-)


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