Thursday, June 14, 2012

About Me...

Well in my efforts of keeping up with my blog, I thought I would start with a few random facts about me.  

A-Age - 33 and one week!
B-Bed Size California King
C- Chore I hate.  All of them.  :)  
D- Dog- Lemon Beagle.  Homer is the cutest!
E- Essential Start to the day - Coffee.
F- Fav Color - Neon Green, Purple and Teal (all combined is amazing!)
G- Gold or Silver - Silver
H- Height - itty Bitty
I - Intruments - Played the flute till middle school.
J- Job Title - All around Bad Ass
K- Kids- Just one KID
L - Live - Littleton Co
M - Mother's Name - Alicia.  Most people pronounce that Elisha, but that's not right...
N - Nicknames - Merc, Mersalas, Merski, MeMe
O - Overnight hospital stay - Only to deliver KID mentioned above.
P- Pep Peeves - Assumptions that my time isn't valuble.
Q- Quote from a Movie - "no... and I don't CARE!"  Dumb and Dumber.
R- Right or Left - Right
S- Siblings - Adrien, Travis, Stefanie, Justin, Shannon
T- Truth or Dare - Truth
U - Underwear - Yes
V- Veg I hate - I haven't met a veggie I didn't like.
X. - Xrays - just teeth.
Y - Yummy food I make - Don't mean to brag, but I can throw down in the kitchen.  Most request chicken enchiladas, or Marsala or Stir fry.
Z - zoo animal. - giraffe

More Random things to come...

Belated Birthday lunch...

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